Alice Fredenham

Alice Fredenham Conquers BGT Stage Fright To Deliver “Sexy, Sultry: Sinatra Cover

Sujan Tamang 

Singer Alice Fredenham advanced to the Semi-Finals of Britain’s Got Talent during Series 7. At the time of her audition, she was twenty-eight years old and employed as a beauty therapist. She didn’t tell anyone about the audition as she had a fear of failure. But, it all changed when she delivered a great version of the Frank Sinatra favorite “My Funny Valentine”.

After giving what Amanda described as the most “mesmerizing, sultry, and sexy performance” she has ever heard on the show, David said that Amanda sounded “like a goddess” when she sang. She sang in a low, register for the performance along with her feminine energy to the song made famous by Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Before she performed, she clearly explained it was “scary” for her and revealed, “I didn’t tell anyone because I just thought I’d go it alone, then if I’m not successful I don’t have to admit that to anyone.” Check her audition down below.

She admitted that she was not ready for such a big stage and it could be seen clearly that she was anxious. She revealed that she has suffered from “stage fright is something I’ve battled with. If someone says no then for me it’s like I’m not good enough. That’s where most of the nervousness comes from. I want to prove to everyone that I’m here for something more that what they maybe thought.”

Despite all these problems, she showed herself to the world and made us all believe that she is a natural performer. She took on the 1930s jazz and drew everyone towards her from her spirits. All the judges gave her a “Yes” and she continued her journey. Here is her footage of performing Arthur Hamilton’s 1983 love song, “Cry Me a River”, be sure to watch it down below.

Simon was happy with her performance and said, “Oh my god. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Your voice is like liquid gold. You hav esuch an authentically beautiful voice and you look amazing. You could sing the phone book. I albsolutely love your voice and I also love that you don’t even know how good you are.”

Talking about Amanda, she remarked, “I have to say that was the most mesmerizing, sultry, sexy performance. And I fell in love with you.”

David said, “I just don’t think I ever expected this kind of response, it’s my dream.”

Walliams followed and said, “When you sing, you’re like a goddess. It’s incredible and you’re world class.”

The hosts were also amazed at her performance. They also ruched a tissue over to Alice. Dizon also told her, “You’re simply beautiful and you’ve let no one down.” She went on to give a great performance in the semi-final round but was eliminated after her second appearance. You can check her YouTube channel if you want to support her.

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