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15+ Best Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s


You can’t fight with your feeling when bold and wild electrifying rock and roll hits up your ears. Aside from boring and usual “I love you”, rockstars come up with amusing songs to exhibit their feelings. Rather than only breakups, rock songs are more like sex, drugs, and wild love.

If you’re trying to put together a perfect song to jam to with that someone special, or vibe to the windows of your car late at night, I’ve enlisted some of the rock love songs for you to indulge in the blissful feeling of bond with another. Let this music be the memory of the moments that advance your intimacy. So, here we go!

Me and You Together

Song With the sparkling production, Me and You Together gained commercial success along with massive audiences. 1975 gave life to this song with their exceptional talent which is why this song is engulfed with sheer love and affection for one another.

This song got released in 2020 that came from the album named Notes on a Conditional Form. This song details the emotions of Matty who is madly in love with his friend who doesn’t feel the same about him.

Can’t stop Loving You

Van Halen was so good it hurts. It was almost as if he needed to get bigger to convey all of his talents. Like Old Faithful Yellowstone, there are miles more beneath the surface but it can only come out a fraction of the source.

There’s no guarantee that every relationship has a happy ending. But once the dust settles, do true feelings and affects pave the other way? This is what Val Halen interrogates, and we’d like to agree with him, for our own rationality.

Heart-Shaped Box

Isn’t it fascinating how music can take you to a place regardless of what’s going on around you, you find a place to smile or tear is a reminder of all that we hold to be true and worthy of?

Everyone is immature when they get into a relationship for the first time, it’s confusing even for worldwide popular artists like Kurt Cobain.

Heart-Shaped Box details the young relationship of the late Kurt with Courtney Love. More precisely, about everything and somehow nothing all at once. This rock love song without a doubt is a gem song by Nirvana.

More than a feeling

Not only is it criminal that this band is not in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame, but what is equally criminal is how overrated Brad Delp is. More than feeling is just more what more than what the word greatest is.

The feeling of love and affection engraved in the lyrics of this song can make you fall in love with this song. Here, Brad tries to explain how much he wants to treasure her and is losing his patience.

I want to know what love is

Is this the song that was played during the sleazy scene in every rom-com? Yes, do we still listen to it? Obviously, sung by Foreigner, this song is filled with love in an absurd manner.

As the lyrics suggest, this song was born by Mick Johnes to find a perfect relationship. He stated “‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ started off on more of a personal level. I’d been through a lot of relationships that eventually failed, and still searching for something that could really endure.

And that sort of took a life of its own as well. It became more of a universal feeling and continued on. No wonder why this song came to be known as one of the most appreciated rock love songs.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

No, this one’s never getting old. All hands down to the greatest song by Aerosmith ever. Without a single doubt, we can consider this music to be the titans of rock music as its story is inscribed in the golden letters in the history of the music of the beginning of the second century and the second half of the 20th century.

This love song by Aerosmith is just fascinating on its own and no one can deny this fact. Well, this music is so great that I can’t possibly think of missing a thing to describe the intensity of love here.

You are my best friend

We know the fact of what kind of extreme vocal Mercury had. And as the Queens released “You are my best friend”, pleasure took over the ears of its listeners.

This song is exceptionally beautiful as nothing other than this music sums up the electrified sweetness and mesmerizing lyrics. Is there any escape from this song? Possibly, no.

Straight out of the love, this song details the love of an individual man towards his wife. There is a handful of reasons why this song is considered among the underrated rock love songs.


With the release of Faithfully, Steve and the bands have helped us to hold on to the hopes of our love life at this moment alive. More than just a normal relationship with rough patches, this song is all about pushing through.

The simplicity and elegance of love are what make this song so enthralling. It was released back in 1983 from the album Frontiers.

The writer of this song created this song by thinking about him and his relationship when he had a very hard time as he used to miss his wife continuously.


An indisputable silver of doubt, One has been a timeless masterpiece that has left its impression among rock song lovers. Everything about ‘One’ is irreproachable and devastatingly perfect.

This song has detailed the sincerity and seriousness of love of its writer. Although its been decades since the release of this song, it still holds mellifluousness with it which is why it is one of the most appreciated ones.

I wonder what kind of love situation was Bono in while writing this song because of the way he expresses love in this music, it’s totally enthralling.

Wonderful Tonight

We all know Eric and what is he famous for. He is mostly known for his unrivaled guitar skills but he gained more attention from the audiences as a fine vocalist with the release of Wonderful Tonight.

The reminiscence that this song carries is totally nostalgic. The deep meaningful lyrics with the soothing voice of Eric will knock on the door of your heart to make it your favorite love song.

Searching this song is more like searching memories, you’ll never get over it. These kinds of songs are the reason why the time of the early 90s was considered the best.

November Rain

Guns n’ Roses have always fascinated us but as they released November Rain, its listener’s ears got flooded with pleasure. Saving the fact that although this song might delight you, it might make you sob at the same time.

Here, the enormous feelings of Axl Rose are engraved in each lyric of this song. In this song, the lead singer states  “Nothing lasts forever…” but I believe this song will.

If nothing fascinates you about this song, just listen to the guitar solo at the end, goosebumps will take over you without a doubt.

A tip for you from me: Make a habit of playing this song in blast whenever it rains, especially when it’s November.

R U Mine?

Been over 10 years since the release of this song and it still doesn’t feel like a distant memory. Have you realized it or not but there’s an exceptional spice to Alex’s voice.

With the release of songs like R U Mine, The Arctic Monkeys have never failed to present songs that are tangled with the inseparable threads of love and affection.

This band just loves to blend their songs with gushy, lovey-dovey cool vibes that led to the creation of R U Mine. Perhaps, this became the best love song that the band has released till now.

Feel like Makin’ Love

Sending this song to your crush might seem bold, but I’m not stopping you. If you wish to, shoot your shot.

Although the name of this song maker is Bad Company, “Feel like Makin’ Love”  by this band might help you find a good company for you that might stick with you till the end of your life.

” Good jam! Can’t go wrong with this tune” is what you’ll comment after you listen to this song. Rock love songs are always the finest because of underrated songs like this one and no one can deny this fact.

“Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”

What was Freddie Mercury famous for? If you know, you know and if you don’t, just know he was a heck of a peculiar vocalist who could blend lows, highs, and mid-range notes cohesively and with immense precision.

And if you also wish to go back in time the what things used to be, Freddie has left a song for you.

Although Freddie has left this world, his songs have continued the legacy of this song and are still thriving in every nook and corner of different parts of this world.

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow is so beautiful that there’s not a loud volume enough for it.

Friday I’m in love

Friday in Love is catchy and spellbinding enough to compel its listeners to hear this song on a loop for hours. Once a person listens to this song, s/he is trapped in the mellow illusion of this song.

The cure performed this song so well that it succeeded to get rewarded with the European Viewer’s Choice for Best Music Video at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. You give this song just a try, not Friday, you’ll fall in love with it each and every day you listen to it.

You and Me

Do you have the same feeling of escaping far away from the crowd of people and living your life with your lover? Well, Dave has a perfect song for you.

This song is so pure of love and makes you take a step back and see everything. The melodious tune of this music that runs through our ears feels like it’s captivating all of us in a spell of love. No wonder why You and Me is the most exuberant piece of rock love song to come out, truly remarkable.

How deep is your love

I want to ask you something, how deep is your love for this song? For me, it’s incalculable. With love and eternity, this song is mixed with beautiful melancholy which is what makes this love song truly remarkable. BeeGees must’ve gone crazy while composing this one.

The mesmerizing melody, romanticizing lyrics, and all the elements that are needed to make a perfect love song have made this rock music undeniably fantastic.

Time After Time

Have you ever experienced your feelings swinging like a roller-coaster? If not, this song will make you help you experience how it feels.

Cyndi Lauper has combined this song with the reminisce of good and bad times that might make you wonder if you’re feeling good or bad.

This song details the love, being haunted by the sadness of missing someone yet admiring the same person which is the reason why it became so loved and exceptional.

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