Ozzy Osbourne’s Opinion On Led Zeppelin

If you ask us about the best bands from the ’60s, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the two legendary bands will always be at the front of the list. Both of these bands are an inspiration, they pushed the limits of Hard Rock and made them more prominent.

Over the years Ozzy Osbourne has spoken about the greatness of Led Zeppelin multiple times. When Led Zeppelin released their debut album in 1969, Black Sabbath was still grinding in bars with hearts full of hope.

Seeing Led Zeppelin rise in the limelight even boasted their confidence. Throughout Ozzy’s career, he has talked about lots of bands, but Led Zeppelin stays close to his heart.

Ozzy Osbourne’s opinion on Led Zeppelin

It’s not new that members of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were already friends before being popular. During an interview with Lun Radio Networks in 2007, Ozzy Osbourne recalled the moment he first encountered Robert Plant.

Ozzy was walking on the streets of Birmingham in 1968 with Geexer and there he met Robert Plant in the subway. “I can remember walking through Birmingham with Geezer Butler, the bass player from Sabbath and he knew (ZEP singer) Robert Plant,” he said.

Ozzy adds, “Plant was walking through the subway and I heard his voice. And Geezer says to him, ‘What are you up to?’ Plant says, ‘Well, they asked me to join a band called the New Yardbirds (which became ZEPPELIN).'”

That’s the moment when Ozzy first met with Robert Plant. Three legends meeting at the subway must be truly an iconic moment.

Zeppelin albums were a huge influence on Ozzy

During that conversation, Ozzy also revealed that the first two albums by Led Zeppelin influenced him. “And that was it…The first two albums had such an impact on my voice, and on my life, similar to the Beatles when I first heard them.” 

He also revealed to the Rolling Stones that “Led Zeppelin IV” (1971) was his favorite album in 2017. “I’ve always been a huge Led Zeppelin fan. All of their studio albums are classics but this is one of my all-time favorites,” Ozzy said.

Indeed, we can agree why Ozzy loved that Heavy Metal album. It consists of some legendary tracks like, “Stairway To Heaven”, “When The Levee Breaks”, “When The Levee Breaks”, and “Going To California”.

Led Zeppelin IV is still one of their greatest albums. It received great success and became their best-selling album. The record sold over 37 million records worldwide

Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin played together once in the studio

Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, both of these became popular in the early 1970s. They were finally in the mainstream and were loved by everyone.

Although being one of the most famous bands, their fame didn’t separate their bonds. They were still good friends. One time, these bands got a moment to play together in the studio. The story takes us back to 1973 when Black Sabbath was recording their fifth studio album. “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.”

In an interview with Classic Rock in 2019, Tommi Lommi, Sabbath’s guitarist recalled the moment. He even recalled when Bill Ward didn’t allow, Jon Bonham, Led Zeppelin’s drummer to play his kit because he would hit it so hard that it would damage the kit.

We were really good mates with Led Zeppelin. Especially Robert Plant and John Bonham who came from the Midlands. Zeppelin had wanted us to be on their label, Swan Song. But we couldn’t make it work out. During the recording of the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album, Zeppelin came into the studio for a jam,” he said.

Lommi adds, “John wanted to play “Supernaut” (Released on their previous album ‘Vol 4’). But we jammed instead. We were in the middle of recording so it fucked up the session. I know that it was recorded. I’d love to hear it. The tape must be around somewhere.”

John Bonham and Ozzy Osbourne were friends

Although Led Zeppelin only had a short run they will forever be remembered as the legendary and father of heavy metal. The band was formed in 1968 and came to an end in 1980 after the death of John Bonham.

The legendary drummer John and Ozzy were good friends. They used to hand together back in the 70s. Tragically, Bonham passed away at the age of 32. In an interview with Planet Rock, Ozzy recalled the moments when he used to hang out with Bonham in the 70s.

John Bonham was a great dear friend of mine. I used to go out and drink with him sometimes. I was in Liverpool, I just fold it up. And I was going through a divorce and all these stuff when John died.”

“I was in bed in my ex-wife’s house. The doctor comes, because I wanted to say that I was unfit for work. The guy goes ‘Did you know John Bonham?’ (If you keep) drinking you gonna end up just like him. And I was like ‘what?’ I was just plastered,” Ozzy Osbourne said.

Ozzy Osbourne’s connection with Led Zeppelin

Decades have passed since Zeppelin and Ozzy first met yet he can still remember vividly how their music made him feel. In the documentary, History of Rock and Roll, he recalled the moment, “I remember listening to the first Zeppelin album. It was like such a great breath of fresh air for somebody doing something acceptable but yet so different,” he said.

Sabbath and Led Zeppelin became prominent bands in Britain, they pushed the limits of Hard Rock and gave a new identity to the genre. Osbourne’s words really prove how great Led Zeppelin was and how they affected his life.

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