Thomas Gabriel And Whey Jennings Pay Tribute To Their Legendary Grandfathers

The loss of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings will forever be remembered in the world of country music. However, the generations will forever carry on their legacy to come, and their grandsons as well.

Thomas Gabriel and Whey Jennings, the grandsons’ of legends have worked together to give a tribute to their legendary grandfathers. They paid tribute to the icons through a cover of ‘Highwayman.’

Thomas Gabriel and Whey Jennings Pay Tribute

Whey Jennings, the country star is known for giving hits including “I’m A Rambling Man”, and “I’ve Always Been Crazy”. On the other hand, Thomas Gabriel has also delivered multiple country hits including “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Ring of Fire.”

The grandsons joined forces together to create a masterpiece cover of “Highwayman.” The iconic song was once recorded by their grandparents in the 80s including other two iconic country legends, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

Giving a tribute to your grandfather who is the person who founded Outlaw Country, can sure be challenging, but Whey Jennings couldn’t have delivered it a more perfect way. With an American Flag behind him, Whey makes his appearance on the stage.

With a cowboy hat on and on his leather jacket Whey begins and introduces Thomas before Gabriel sings the ending verse, “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Thomas Gabriel.” Gabriel sings the ending verse of the song and in the end, they both sing the ending, finishing the song beautifully.

The Outlaw Country fans loved the performance, and if we take a look at YouTube, it has over 4 million views. If we take a peek at the comments, we can see people appreciating the grandsons, “The legends are still alive through their grandson’s voices, y’all sound amazing!!” 

Some even commented on how similar their voice was to their grandparents, “With a tear in my eye. The Highwaymen kept their word, they are still around.” They surely will keep the legacy of their grandparents alive and keep releasing amazing songs.

This cover holds a special part for all the country fans out there. This iconic song portrayed the special bond that Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings had. Willie Nelson, Waylon Jenning, Kris Kristofferson, and Johnny Cash, this song was covered by country legends.

Initially, ‘The Highwayman’, was released by Jimmy Webb in 1977, In 1985, the country legends teamed up together and you can guess the result. The cover was a super hit, it was charted as No. 1 in no time.

Although Whey Jennings and Thomas Gabriel haven’t received the recognition that their grandparents did, they surely have shown the potential they hold with the cover of “The Highwayman.”

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