Chris Kläfford Sings Beautiful Version Of Imagine

America’s Got Talent gives a warm welcome to all the people who want to show their talents. Each season the judges get introduced with special talents. Some of them will leave the crowd and judges on their feet and that’s when happened when Chris Kläfford gave his performance.

With long hair and a long beard, Chris makes his appearance on AGT’s stage. Chris introduces himself and says that he came from a small town in Sweden. When Simon asks about his inspiring music artist, Chris says, “I began with a lot of rock music when I was younger, so I listened to a lot of Kiss.” 

While the crowd is eager to see what kind of rock song Chris is gonna play on his acoustic guitar, he surprises the fans with “Imagine” by John Lennon.

The crows and the judges were really surprised when he first hit those notes, but his performance was truly heartwarming. It really was a mesmerizing version of Imagine, and the judges loved it.

The audience couldn’t believe the mesmerizing moment, Chris’ performance even made many of the audience cry. At the end of his performance, the entire crowd was on their feet and so were the judges.

He received a standing ovation, and this moment made Chris shed tears as well. When asked about how he was feeling, “Man I… this is weird… this is crazy, this means everything,” said Chris.

The judges showed Klafford with yes and even during his exit from the platform he received another standing ovation from the judges and audience.

During the quarter-finals, Chris performed his original song, “Something Like Me” and once again the judges and the audience were on their feet. His passion could really be heard through his voice.

Although performing an original can be challenging, the audience loved his performance, and he was even sent off for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, semi-finale was the end road for Chris. He was finally voted out.

Nevertheless, Chris managed to captivate many hearts with his heartwarming voice. With the help and support of his audience, he started creating music and publishing them on streaming platforms.

Chris Klaffors is from a small town in Sweden. He started to play guitar when he was nine, and those skills finally paid off. The story behind why Chris got into music is heartwarming as well.

Klafford started making music because of his first love. Likewise, with other artists, he struggled in the very beginning. He barely gathered any success, and he music as his hobby.

He finally rose to fame in 2017, when he won the Swedish Idol. After gaining popularity and fans in his country, Chris released five singles that year. The following year, he was announced as the only artist with the number one and number 7 most treated songs in Sweden at the same time.

Chris Klafford still posts music on his YouTube channel, we hope he’ll make very big one day. We wish all the best for him.

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