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Larissa Liveir, Electrifying and Charming Guitarist From Brazil

Sujan Tamang 

With her electric guitar, guitarist Larissa Liveir has become a compelling force, displaying skill and endless innovation in her playing. Originating from the vibrant Brazilian music scene, Liveir has distinguished herself as a trailblazing guitarist by enthralling audiences with her powerful musicality and electrifying performances.

She was born in a small town near Rio De Janeiro in 2002 and was always interested in the sound of guitar. She also dedicates her precious time to study and practice, which has honed her skills a lot.

Her recent video covering Pink Floyd’s Time took the internet by storm. It reached 2.6 million views on YouTube and the response to the video was amazing. Everyone seemed to love it and applauded her skills. Because of her, many young listeners have also diverted towards classic rock bands.

She has talked about her guitar journey too. She revealed she was seventeen when she first practiced with an electric guitar. It was during the global pandemic, that was also the time, she decided that she wanted to open a YouTube channel. She posted her very first video in October of 2020, and success quietly followed. Today she has 2.89 subscribers on YouTube with more than 100 million views. She also has a cover of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” and it’s a great version available for the viewers.

Liveir says that she is pleased with the content she produces. She believes that she is getting what she deserves, and she loves everyone who has genuinely appreciated her results of hard work. She is still as passionate as ever, and according to her, passion and hard work are the foremost things you require if you want to make it in the music industry.

The quality of her video has been improving day by day. She spends hours checking comments on how she can improve and as a perfectionist, she plans a single video way before. The attention to detail is the key to her success.

Along with positive comments, she also receives negative ones. Some claim that her success is simply here due to her being a beautiful woman. However, we can see that her talent is there.  She doesn’t let others’ negativity bring her down. Look at her playing Comfortably Numb down below.

She is a great inspiration for young people who are going down this road. She has also been composing her riffs and writing poems that can be adapted into lyrics. She would also love to make her band one day. We are all looking towards that road.

Young pupils can look at her journey and learn many things. The resilience and patience to learn something, from dealing with the positives and negatives of it. You can support her by subscribing to her YouTube channel or following her on Instagram.

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