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Dire Straits And Eric Clapton Is A Match Made In Heaven On “Money For Nothing”

Sujan Tamang 

Mike Knopfler’s contribution to Dire Straits has been legendary. The guitar portion on the songs is very underrated at times, and you guys might not believe how amazing it sounds when Eric Clapton sits in with the band. It was at the 1990 Knebworth Festival.

The collaboration has been down at various points in time, but the different one is the appearance of Eric for the classic “Money for Nothing” at Knebworth. Knopfler led the whole thing, laying down the iconic opening riff, and later also took on the first solo of the song. At about the four-minute mark, Clapton did what he always does. He bought the best of the songs by smashing through the fretboard of the guitar looking like the boss in his pink suit.

Knopfler was also in his best, orange suit with a matching custom-built Pensa SuhrMK guitar. It has become one of the most legendary guitars in the history. The live performance captivates every audience as it’s a great showcase for guitar playing. The full studio version doesn’t have a guitar solo, so it’s a treat for anyone looking for a different thing.

Knopfler also played a greatly composed guitar solo with a very fiery look as he had his hair down. It was great to see them together on a shared stage, and we believe it also brought out some friendly rivalry on who could pull off the greatest solo. Clapton also played “Think I Love You Too Much” delivering another gut-punching solo.

Both videos show us how great Dire Straits were live. They created wonderful moments within the performances, with each of the members being unique in what they did. They entertained 120000 puters in attendance.

The studio version of the song featured Sting on backup vocals, singing the iconic line “I want my MTV”. This song also featured a computer-animated 3D music video which was considered ahead of its time during its initial release. This song was the second single from their fifth studio album Brothers in Arms. It gave them the power, which they hold still to this day.

The song was a top-five hit in both the US and the UK and is Platinum today. The band’s success was propelled further by this very song. It also hit 14 times Platinum in the UK. You can follow more of them by subscribing to their YouTube channel.


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