How the Sacred Ri Became Americas Got Talent Most Dirturbing Magic Act

America’s Got Talent always shocks the world by bringing incredible talented people on their platform. From hilarious jokes to mesmerizing voices, people have performed every kind of talent on the platform, but the 13th season came up with something extraordinary.

A participant named Sacred Riana came with her magic tricks, it became the most terrifying act to be ever performed there. Riana installed fear into the judges with her horror magic tricks.

Who is The Sacred Riana?

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 13 July 1992, Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani, or Riana Antoinette is currently 32 years old. Taking a look at her performance, we can say that she really does have her Indonesian magic art.

As per her website, Riana is the oldest sibling of the family. She had always been interested in magic since she was a kid like her father, Chrisiandy Yuniarto. Her father was also a magician, and with the guidance of her father, she became a skilled magician and earned Telekinesis skills.

She made her runner-up on Indonesia’s The Next Popularity and finally gained the attention of fans when she made her appearance in Asia’s Got Talent in 2017. Riana even won the competition with her telekinesis skills and magic.

Riana then continued her journey as a magician and participated in T.V. talent competitions in Indonesia but failed to gain popularity as she did on Asia’s Got Talent. Then finally she made her way to America’s Got Talent and inserted fear into every viewer.

Sacred Riana in America’s Got Talent.

In the 2018, 13th season, Riana made her appearance in America’s Got Talent, and the 26-year-old girl with a schoolgirl appearance was way far than normal.

Her performance was frightening and breathtaking if we have to say. The theme of the platform was similar to a scene being placed in a horror film. Riana’s father was believed to be a spiritual magician, and just like him, it is believed that she had connections beyond this world.

When someone who doesn’t talk much, face covered with hair and only her eyes can be seen comes in front of you with a doll, what will be your reaction? Terrified right? Riana also terrified the judges when she took her doll out during her performance.

Her doll was named Riani and it is said that a child’s spirit possessed the doll. Imagining this scenario has already given us shivers but wait until you see her head starts twitching.

It seems like the doll’s favorite person was Mel B. She always wanted to play with her and during her first performance, Riana frightened everyone when she manifested an imaginary dead picture of Bob in a picture she took in her Polaroid.

During her second performance, she came with a wooden house-like box, and inside there, she placed a candle that ignited on its own. She then placed a book with blank pages to call out her imagined friend and then the blank pages were filled with a hand print, blood, and a note saying “I Want To Play With Mel.”

Riana then placed her doll inside the box and a girl emerged out from the box. The judges get scared and they tell her to end the performance right there.

On her third performance, Riana goes in front of the judges and shows a picture of the judges where Mel B’s face is cut out and placed into a doll. Suddenly a bell starts to ring and a crowd of girls with the same appearance as of Riana appear.

They chase her and Riana ends her performance by climbing the wall vertically. Her quarter-final performance was a bit off compared to the horrifying past two performances. Thus, The Scared Riana was then eliminated.

During Samuel J. Comroe’s stand-up routine, fans noticed that something unnatural was going on on the stage. The background was blinking during his performance and AGT were also having trouble due to their on-stage doors being broken.

Just to add a cherry on top, even Simon’s mic got shut down. He then gave an explanation why all such unfortunate was happening,

“I’m looking at who’s coming up in the running order and it’s someone [Sacred Riana] who’s put a curse on the show, which is explaining all the stuff [technical problems] that’s happening,” Simon declared. “This is ghostly what’s happening at the moment.”

What is Riana Doing Now?

Riana gained a massive amount of views for her horrifying performance. Her video on America’s Got Talent has over 93 Million views and she even gained over 607k thousand followers on Instagram.

Riana then stayed busy traveling around Asia. During The Independence Day of Indonesia, Grahrani has a short note on why The Sacred Riana holds importance for her.

“My journey on stages abroad is not only carrying a name for myself but representing Indonesia. There is a happiness in its own magic art being able to represent Indonesia alongside other art[ist]s from around the world,” Graharani stated.

“That’s what keeps me motivated to do more work than what is already accomplished.” She continued, “Everyone has their own way, and this is my definition of independence.” 

Although Riana stays quiet and stays away from the spotlight, she is seen during the Losmen Melati Horror film premiere and we can tell that she’s continued to perform her own live shows.

The world will never forget the horrifying performance of Riana and her appearance will continue to captivate her fans into fear.


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