Todd Hoffman’s Amazing Transformation From Gold Miner To Singer

If you were a fan of the Discover channel like us, then you’ve surely come across Todd Hoffman hunting for a hold on Gold Rush. We do know, the bearded man knew where to find his gold, but did you also know that he was into music?

Who is Todd Hoffman?

Gold Rush Todd Hoffman sings Sound of Silence - UK Plant Operators

Born in Oregon, Sandy, on 1969, April 12, Todd Hoffman shares one sibling, his sister Tamara. He went to Portland Christian High School and studied at Willaim Jessup University. After his graduation, he didn’t pursue his goals, rather he started working for a small airport.

Todd met his wife Shawana met each other in 1991 when and they married in 1993 after engaging for two years.

Todd and Shawana share three children, one daughter Olivia, and two sons, Hunter and Hudson. The couple are married happily for almost 30 years now.

What Influenced Todd Hoffman to Become a Gold Miner?

Todd shared his dad’s interest since his dad Jack was a gold hunter as well. Due to his profession, Jack was always far away from his home, but whenever he got back, he would tell his songs about his journey to find gold mines.

This probably ignited Todd’s goal to become a gold prosecutor himself. After the financial crisis hit in 2008, he knew he had to change his profession and get better financial support.

Todd had a big family, and a job at a small airport wasn’t enough to support his family, so he thought about his dad’s profession and gave it a try. This change of profession didn’t only support him financially, but it also changed his entire life.

He used to record his mining journey as a documentary. Todd sent those documentaries to a producer who was eager to get his hands on it. Thus, that’s how the Discover Channel was established.

The show “Gold Rush” began in 2010 and since then many faces have been seen in the show but Todd Hoffman remains a key character behind the show’s success.

How Did Hoffman Get Into Music?

During an interview with the American Dreamer, Hoffman said that they made almost $10 million worth of gold throughout the eight seasons.

Hoffman then told the crew that he had a new dream which he wanted to chase. He then revealed that wanted to focus and open his own television company after learning all the television work through Gold Rush.

Tdd then shared another interesting dream that he wanted to chase, and that was singing. “I’m actually starting to get some serious offers. Laugh if you want,” his performance online got some recognition and he wanted to carry that.

He continued, “Who knows? Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.” Then Dodge adds, “Todd is a dreamer. He sets goals that are way too big sometimes. But that’s what dreamers do.

During the final conversation Hoffman ended the interview by saying, “If you look at our adventure as a whole, you can see the American dream is still alive,” adding, “I don’t think I’d change a thing.”

Todd had a burning passion for singing and if you take a look at his YouTube channel, you can find his incredible mesmerizing performances. He has over 155,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and his cover of Sound of Silence has over 16 million views.

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