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Pink Sings Heartwarming Duet With Her Dad On ‘I Have Seen The Rain’

Sujan Tamang 

Jim Moore, Pink’s father, sang a song he wrote while in the Vietnam War with his well-known daughter on stage in 2007. Moore sang his song, “I Have Seen The Rain,” in front of an audience for the first time at the concert. It was a heartwarming duet with her dad at her show in New York City, Jim played the guitar and sang backup while Pink sang a gorgeous voice on the folk original.

Both the daughter and father looked each other in the eyes as they sat and we as the audience could tell that they cherished every moment of it. It is the reason, everyone in the audience could resonate with their song. Pink is usually known for her poppy songs, and this was one of very few times, she showed a different side to her. You guys can enjoy the duet down below.

Pink revealed that her dad was always her rockstar. She said, “My dad was my first rock star. He wrote a song about 40 years ago in Vietnam.” She said that it was a special night for both of them, as it was the first time her father performed on such a big stage. Pink also revealed that her father is her “favorite person in the world.”

Jim wrote ‘I Have Seen the Rain” while he was posted in the Vietnam War. Pink has the acoustic duet of the song on her album, “I’m Not Dead Yet”. The song is the hidden final song on the album. Pink has revealed more about the background of the song in her introduction to the studio version of “I Have Seen the Rain.” She revealed that it was the first ever son she learned to sing. Pink also recalled that she “grew up singing it with him at different Vietnam vet functions and that’s how I learned how to harmonize and how to love an acoustic guitar.”

Along with that, this song is also meant for the Vietnam veterans. She said, “it was really special to be able to record a song with my Dad.” Looking at the lyrics of the song, we can see that Jim was a talented songwriter. The song talks about the anxieties of a soldier living on a battlefield. Along with it, it also has parts of the life of veterans after returning home, and how they struggle to fit into society.

Jim passed away in August 2021 at the age of 75. He was battling prostate cancer at that time. Many of his fans celebrated his moments by watching the performance of “I Have Seen the Rain” which was with his daughter.

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