Janitor’s Unbelievable Performance Of “Don’t Stop Believin” Earns AGT Golden Buzzer

Whenever the new season of America’s Got Talent, the audience gets excited to see what kind of performance people will come up with. The season premiered on May 28, and we were left astonished after seeing the performance of Richard Goodall.

Richard Goodall was always fond of music, but he never really got a chance to express it. He took the job as a janitor in a local Indiana middle school. Although he is a janitor to this date, his passion for music was never extinguished.

“I just belt it out,” he said. “Eventually, I was like, I got to find me a job, so I become a janitor at Chauncey Rose Middle School, which is only three blocks away from my house.”

Goodall then elaborates that he has never done anything like that. He even admits that he had never been on a plane; this was his first flight to California.

“The kids would hear me sing, and they tell me that I’ve got talent,” he explained. “That’s why I’m here. That’s why I got on a plane.”

“I’m not a fancy person,” Richard told host Terry Crews backstage. “I take out the trash, I wipe off the tables, I sweep the floors — I’m just having fun, and I’m trying to make people happy.” 

Richard, the 55-year-old janitor from Indiana took the stage and performed the classic “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Jounrey.

Richard’s Performance In America’s Got Talent

As Richard performed “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the judges were stunned and this truly became of the most unforgettable moment for Richard and for the judges.

“That was spectacular, that was fun. This was an amazing surprise. I think you are perfect to come to AGT because you made our night,” said Sofia Vergara.

Howie Mandel then threw a little humor to the sentimental moment, “Maybe it’s because you’ve been doing it for 23 years, but you just cleaned up! I would imagine that every kid who’s ever been in a school with you is just screaming.”

The judges were fully astonished and as everyone was praising Richard, Heidi did the unexpected. She went straight for the Golden Buzzer, advancing him straight to the Season 19 live shows.

“Richard, Richard, Richard, you knocked me off my feet!” Klum expressed. “We all had the best time with you up on that stage. I really feel something when I see you up there. This is what I’m going to do for you, because I love you,” said Heidi and pressed the Buzzer.

Richard couldn’t believe what just had happened. He explained that he had never dreamed of this moment. “Golden Buzzer [winners] are an elite group of people. I never in a million years expected to be in that class. And I still can’t believe Heidi did that,”  he said to PEOPLE.

He then gave a message to the people to pursue their dreams. “I tried out for AGT in 2009 and didn’t make it past the first round in Chicago…But like the song says, ‘Don’t stop believing.’ How can I tell the kids that and not reach for dreams too?” he said.

He added, “The songs I love to sing are timeless, and they give everyone hope. That’s what I really want to do, just give people hope [and encourage them to] never give up.”

Richard Goodall’s story will forever be remembered in the history of America’s Got Talent. His journey from janitor to AGT’s Golden Buzzer is really sensational.  As the song said ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.’

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