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Elvis’ Last Performance Despite Being Visibly Unwell

Sujan Tamang 

Despite being only 42 years old when he passed away, film footage demonstrates Elvis Presley’s legendary stage presence right up until the very end.

With his sudden death on August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley brought an end to the world of rock and roll music.

One of the greatest entertainers in history passed away at the age of 42 after years of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. His last public performance was in Indianapolis, Indiana, on 26 June 1977. This was two months before his demise. A week before his very last show, two of his shows were filmed for a TV special.

Elvis’ footage of these two shows was broadcast 6 weeks after his death. The specials were broadcast several times, as specified by the contract. Sadly, it showed Elvis in his most unhealthy state and was referred to as the “Fat Elvis” concert.

Even though we know that The King battled addiction and severe health problems, he sang a rendition of “Are You Lonesome Tonight” that will never be forgotten. Sadly, he had difficulty with the words of the song. He also messed up his lyrics and he only mumbles at times.

Back in 1973, during his difficult phase, as he was going through divorce, he started his last recorded song with the comment. “This one is called Are You Lonesome Tonight? I am, and I was”. He laughs off as there is a silent interlude. Presley recovers just fine and sings fine too.

At his June 21 engagement in Rapid City, South Dakota, which was being recorded for a TV special and live album, the celebrity was doing an encore. During that performance, he also gave a breathtaking rendition of “Unchained Melody.”

Despite how he performed, we have to make sure that we know the whole story as he was very ill. Elvis lost his words at certain sections of the song due to his health difficulties. Presley performed 55 shows in the first six months of 1977, this was despite him having an enlarged heart, hypertension, and intestinal issues.

Tom Parker, Presley’s manager revealed that it was Elvis who allowed the specials to be filmed despite him looking unhealthy. It was also cleared that Presley insisted the special to go ahead as scheduled.


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