Where is Robert Plant’s Ex-Wife, Maureen Wilson

Robert Plant, the legendary singer of the iconic band Led Zeppelin is everyone’s favorite in the rock community. Nothing stays hidden from the public eye on what Robert Plant does, same goes for his musical career and personal life.

Back in the 1960s, Robert married Maureen Wilson. The pair were married for 15 years until they finally decided to divorce. Although Maureen has agreed to stay in the limelight, her appearance greatly impacted the singer’s life.

So where is Maureen Wilson, the woman that Robert Plant was in love with once?

Who is Maureen Wilson?

Born in 1948, November 20, in Kolkata India, Maureen Wilson moved to Birmingham, England with her family when she was just a child.

Maureen’s father was a businessman who owned a steel factory company in England. She had a healthy lifestyle and pursued nursing as a career. Just like her profession, Maureen was a sweetheart, and a caring person.

She worked in her father’s steel factory for a limited time and that’s when Robert also worked as a production manager before he gained fame.

How did Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant meet?

Maureen and Robert encountered each other during a Georgia Fame concert in 1966. She was a nurse and a very pretty woman, and just when Robert looked at her, he was captivated by her beauty.

Robert was still struggling to earn a name in music at the time and that’s when Maureen entered his life and became the support he needed.

Both of them started to date shortly after their meet and their love and support started to grow immensely for each other. With Maureen beside him, Robert wasn’t afraid to take any big steps.

“Maureen was good for Robert, and he couldn’t have wished for a better family because they took him under their wing,” his friend John Crutchley said, per the book Robert Plant: A Life by Paul Rees. “He stayed at Trinity Road quite a lot, among all the comings and goings there.”

He started believing in himself and with Mauren’s support, Robert started to pursue his dream of being a musician again. After gaining fame, the singer of Led Zeppelin even wrote the song “Thank You” for his wife, for all the support she provided to him.

When did Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant get married?

Where is Robert Plant's Ex-Wife, Maureen Wilson, Today?

After two years of seeing each other for the first time, the pair decided to tie the knot in 1968. The same year when Led Zeppelin was formed.

Maureen and Robert married at the popular Roundhouse in London and Led Zeppelin performed during their wedding, this was going to be a fresh start for the couple and Robert’s musical career.

Although Robert and Led Zeppelin didn’t take off instantly, Maureen was patient and kept being the pillar in his life. On the other hand, Robert also made sure that his family was in the first place and gave him his time.

The couple had three children together, Carmen Jane Plant (1968), Karac Pendra Plant (1972), and Logan Romero Plant (1979.)

Everything seemed to be going well with the couple until suddenly their son Karac Pendra Plant died in 1977 due to stomach cancer.

After hearing the news Plant also wanted to leave Led Zeppelin, he recalled the moment in 2007. “I lost my boy,” he said. “I didn’t want to be in Led Zeppelin. I wanted to be with my family. … I stopped taking everything on the same day. The most important thing to me is my family and when I got off my face, I found it difficult to be all things to the people that meant a lot to me.”

This was a really big tragedy for the couple and both of them were devastated by the news. However, the tragedy didn’t end there, Maureen escaped death from a car accident in Greece. She suffered from multiple injuries including a fractured skull.

The accident was severe and she had to go through multiple surgeries and blood transfusions. Robert also suffered through injuries, but the couple still relied on each other and showcased how strong their connection was.

Why did Maureen Wilson and Robert Plant get Divorced?

The couple had a good run for over 14 years until 1982 when they decided to get a divorce. They were already struggling in their lives and Robert’s career was still in question.

After parting ways, Maureen and Robert had a turning point in life. They were the pillar of support for each other and suddenly nothing remained the same.

The couple never openly revealed the reason behind their separation but we do know it was a mutual decision. The pair decided to pursue their paths.

After the separation, Maureen stayed away from the limelight and embraced her private life. She also dated Ian Hatton for a brief moment.

Are Robert Plant and Maureen Wilson still together?

When Maureen dated Ian in 1991, the same year Plant had a child with Maureen’s younger sister. This topic seems like it could cut ties with anyone, but still, Maureen and Plant remained friendly.

Maureen moved back with her parents shortly after their split and Plant also moved near Wilson’s house. Surprisingly, they all even spent the holidays together. “There you go!” Benji LeFevre said. “F***ing hell — what can I say? Despite everything, I think Robert has a great sense of family.”

Even after their divorce, Plant remained close to Maureen. Although they’ve divorced, Wilson still supports her former husband and she was even seen attending his 60th birthday celebration.

Plant was also seen attending Maureen’s 70th birthday party and performing a few songs that night. He sang “One Night,” “Little Sister” and “A Big Hunk O’ Love,” and wished her happy birthday saying an “old bugger.”

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