What is Peter Townshend Net Worth?

The Who, one of the greatest rock bands has influenced rock culture since the 1970s. Unfortunately, after the death of drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle, only Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are left from the band. There’s no denying that without Pete Townshend, the band would’ve faced a hard time in gaining success.

Both of these musicians have still managed to make news fans fall in love with them and keep the legacy of The Who. Throughout the years, Peter Townshend has performed together with Roger and they even gave their live performance at The Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show in 2010.

Pete has definitely gained a mass amount of fans and great success. He must have a great amount of net worth as well right? Let’s take a peek.

How did Pete Townshend join The Who?

This takes us back to the early 60s when Townshend joined a band named Detours. Later the band was joined by Roger Daltrey on rhythm guitar,  Colin Dawson on vocals, and Doug Sandom on drums. Eventually, Pete became the lead guitarist of the band.

They found out that ‘Detours’ name was identical and had already been taken by another band. So, they had to change their band’s name and they renamed it to ‘The Who.’

Dawson became the first member to leave the band after he argued with the leader of the band, Daltry. Then drummer Dough Sandom became the second person to leave the group. He was replaced by Keith Moon who was drumming for the Beachcombers.

It didn’t take the band much time to shine in the spotlight. With their first hit “I Can’t Explain” which was released in 1965, they earned themselves a spot in the mainstream of music.

The band started to get more recognition with their following releases such as “My Generation” which greatly influenced the teens.

Pete Townshend also managed to gain popularity for his boisterous behavior during performances. He used to destroy his guitars and swing his arms in a windmill maneuver while performing.

In 1965, the band gained great success then they started to go on tours in the United States. Two years later, the band decided to experiment with LSD. They released their third studio album “The Who Sell Out” on 15 December 1967. The album contained another hit “I Can See for Miles.

The group kept shining in the limelight but unfortunately, dreadful days were ahead of them, Keith Moon died in 1978, and John Entwistle in 2002. The absence of their former bandmates didn’t stop them as they continued to go on tours and create music.

Writing and Solo Career

Pete Townshend was an excellent writer than just being a legendary guitarist. He even wrote essays for Rolling Stone magazine. He was also the primary writer for The Who.

In 1977 Pete formed a company ‘Eel Pie Publishing’ which publishes children’s books. Pete has also experience working as an editor for various books such as Eric Burdon’s autobiography.

Pete has even published his book “Horse’s Neck” which is a compilation of short stories. In 2008, he published an autobiography entitled, “Who I Am” which became one of his bestseller.

Pete Townshend’s Real Estate

Pete Townshend also owns some of the great real estate such as “The Wicj,” a Georgian-era house which is in Richmond, Greater London. He sold it to Ronnie Wood (member of Rolling Stones) and currently, it is listed in the market for $21 million.

What’s Pete Townshend’s Net Worth?

The co-founding member of The Who and the guitarist, songwriter, and secondary vocalist of the band, Pete Townshend has gained fame in many ways. He has had a very successful run and his net worth is estimated to be over $150 million.

Pete received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement in 2001 as a member of The Who and a Kennedy Center Honors in 2008. He was also on the list made by Rolling Stone magazine, 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, and Pete was in tenth position.

How Did Pete Townshend Earned His Net Worth?

One of the pivotal reasons why Pete Townshend’s net worth is $150 million is because of his time with the rock band The Who. The band sold over 100 million copies worldwide and received dozens of awards.

They were even inducted into the UK Hall of Fame in 2005. The merchandise sold, his solo career, and everything else play a vital role in Pete’s net worth.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey have kept The Who’s legacy alive after all those years by going on tours, and that’s where the real money is.

“It feels to me like there’s one thing the Who can do, and that’s a final tour where we play every territory in the world and then crawl off to die. I don’t get much of a buzz from performing with The Who. If I’m really honest, I’ve been touring for the money,” Pete said to the New York Times during The Who’s final tour.

It’s no question that the tickets will be sold out in minutes after hearing the news of The Who’s tour. There’s no denying that it will add a hefty amount of money to Pete’s net worth.

During the same interview, Pete even stated that he doesn’t enjoy touring anymore, and he’s only doing it for the money. “I don’t get much of a buzz from performing with the Who. If I’m really honest, I’ve been touring for the money. My idea of an ordinary lifestyle is pretty elevated.”

During an interview, Pete also stated that he takes touring as his job, “I would be a liar if I said, ‘It was really fun, man. It was great!’ It wasn’t great. It was a gig. I did it and I got paid. The fact is, I don’t really like performing. But I’m good at it. I’m lucky to be good at something. I could have worked in an abattoir.”

Pete also added his words on touring with The Who during an interview with PBS. “I don’t feel excited. I feel I’m there to do a job. I have no — there’s no thrill. Indeed, I would say that I don’t like it much. As I said to my wife, now, Rachel, I said, I must be a really brilliant actor if I look like I’m enjoying it,” he said.

Although Pete Townshend hates touring, he has been making millions from it and will continue making it for his family.

“My daughter Aminta, for example, has got a full spectrum autistic boy. And when we worked out how much it would cost to get him through education, it came to a million pounds. And I employ people and the band employs people. And it’s great to be the person who kind of decides whether that happens or not. It’s a moment of power,” he said in an interview with PBS in 2019.

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