John mayer and keith urban

Watch John Mayer & Keith Urban Playing The Beatles “Don’t Let Me Done”

Sujan Tamang 

This rendition of the song has to be one of the best out there. The song is the greatest arsenal of The Beatles is where they all are at their very best. But no one has done is like John Mayer and Keith Urban for sure. Their cover of “Don’t Let Me Down”, surely came close to the original in comparison to sweetness.

Mayer and Keith both sang and played guitar throughout the song. We know, how great they are with their guitar and vocals, so it was well received. The two legends sang the iconic opening together, where, Urban was singing in the higher harmony and Mayer was there to cover the lower harmony. They have different sounding voices but it blended well, and everyone could see that it was a wonderfully done cover of the Beatles.

This cover was shot at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2013. Urban took on the first verse and did a great job of recreating John’s romantic tunes. Mayer was there for the second verse which turned the song into a R&B vibe.

This performance was one of John Mayer’s fou-song set list at the Crossroads Guitar Festival on May 12, 2013, at the Madison Square Garden. Mayber’s band was on the roll with the song, with a great guitar under the song. Urband and Mayer had also performed together for CMT Crossroads 2010, where they played a full set together.

Both the artists have great chemistry on the stage. We as well as the fans can notice it. The comments on these videos say, “These two artists compliment each other vocally and musically so darn well! Musical soul mates!”

Taking music out of the context, they have been friends for many years. Mayer even sold Keith a high-end amplifier. Urban, on the other hand, delivered the check to Mayer on a silver briefcase, like the scene from a James Bond movie. They admire each other and have mutual respect.

During an interview, Mayer said he admired Keith. He said, “It’s hard to make people who don’t play guitar care about guitar solos, but Keith is one of those rare few who knows how to make the guitar speak inside of their songs.” He added, “Part of appearing effortless is that people don’t notice the effort, but he is doing some really beautiful and fluid stuff that’s way harder to pull off than you might think.”

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