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Tom Petty Wrapped Up His Career With Classic Track, “American Girl”

Sujan Tamang 

Tom Petty concluded his 40th Anniversary Tour throughout the United States with a captivating performance that marked a heartfelt farewell to his devoted fans. The tour’s finale took place over three incredible performances at Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood Bowl, a city that was particularly dear to Petty.

Forbes noted in a moving review of the tour’s second show in Los Angeles that Petty was reluctant to finish the tour even though the curfew was about to expire. Petty and his band had an infectious joy on stage the whole tour, captivating fans with their unabashed energy and togetherness. Petty was able to enjoy every second with his loyal followers as they sang, danced, and joked around.

On a Saturday night in Los Angeles, the epic conclusion took place when Petty’s evergreen hit song “American Girl” moved the audience to tears and marked the end of an incredible journey. The tour was praised by Forbes as a celebration of Petty’s long history and his close relationship with fans that spans more than 40 years.

Watch the video below to relive the beauty of his farewell performance, which has received over 3.3 million views:

Sadly, Petty died on October 2, 2017, a week after the tour ended, from an unintentional overdose of opiates and sedatives. Petty’s wife and daughter disclosed that he was taking medicine for a hip fracture, which made him more uncomfortable and ultimately caused him to overdose.

Petty was determined to keep his word to his fans and crew despite his deteriorating health. He continued with the tour despite having decided against hip replacement surgery because of his enduring love of performing and commitment to his trade.

Rewatching this moving video, people cry with cherished memories of the artist and his immense value to the music industry.

Reflecting on that memorable night, a fan shared, “It was an unforgettable concert. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone standing, singing along, and dancing. It truly felt like magic.”

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