Thomas Edward Yorke has one of the most unique vocals in the rock industry. Although the band has been on break since 2018, their music is still streamed on multiple online platforms. It’s just mesmerizing to see Yorke with his unique vocals.

Everyone can recognize Yorke and his unique voice and his droopy left eye. Sometimes, when Yorke does live performances, his left eye seems like he’s on the feels, but what’s the truth behind his lazy eyes?

What Happened To Thom Yorke’s Eyes?

When Thom Yorke was born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, on 7 October 1968, he was born with a special case. His left eye was paralyzed due to a lack of muscles. “I think we’re all born with something wrong with us and that was mine,” he said to Billboard

Thom Yorke even went through a surgery. The doctors tried taking a graft from his butt to make the eyelid more functional. Thom went through five eye operations when he was at the age of six.

He then decided to accept his eye and not do any further surgeries. “I decided I liked the fact that it wasn’t the same, and I’ve liked it ever since. And when people say stuff I kind of thought it was a badge of pride, and still do.”

If we take a look at the condition of Yorke’s eyes then it’s called ‘Ptosis’. It occurs when there’s a dysfunction in the muscles that help to raise the eyelid.

Thom wore an eye path throughout his childhood which was the result of his droopy eye. Surprisingly, Yorke positively takes his droopy eye. He even stated that the eye makes him unique to the rest of the people and that makes it a badge of honor.

Did Thom Yorke Hated His Eye?

During a video post for the American magazine, Rookie’s Ask A Grown Man, Yorke revealed about how he managed to accept his lazy eye.

The British musician explained to the audience how a pub punter helped him to embrace his right eye which he always struggled with. ‘When I was your age I was convinced that girls would think that (his right eye) was really not nice at all,’ explained the singer.

“I worked in this pub and this old woman – she was so funny – she used to come in all the time, and she was the first person who really said to me, “It’s the nicest thing about you”.”

We must say that Yorke’s eyes and vocals really suit each other. He might have many insecurities at the very beginning with his droopy eye, but he soon embraced it and took it as a part of his appearance.

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