Pink Proves Rock Chops In Taylor Hawkins Tribute

March 25, 2022, shocked the world with the news of Taylor Hawkins’ death. The legendary drummer of Foo Fighters was no longer with us, and the fans really couldn’t what they were hearing.

Many artists from around the globe gave a tribute to Taylor Hawkins and one special tribute was by Foo Fighters. The band decided to perform in Los Angeles and London on the loving memory of Taylor Hawkins. That performance was very special since close friends of Taylor Hawkins also joined the Foo Fighters.

Their Los Angeles performance took place at Kia Forum and during that show, the legendary band, Pink made their appearance. Before the Foo Fighters began their hit song “The Pretender”, David Grohl held the mic and made an announcement, “the part where all of Taylor’s good friends come up and play.” he said.

The band began their performance and as Dave was giving tribute to his dear friend, Pink joined him with him in the spotlight. This event was memorable and the fact that Pink sang it to perfection is just astonishing.

Pink made several appearances during that night, but her performance of “The Pretender” at the end of the high was just unbelievable. Pink also joined with Heart’s Nancy Wilson and Foo Fighters to perform “Barracuda” and she smashed it.

Many other icons were seen during the London performance, such as Paul McCartney, Brian Johnson, John Paul Jones, Lian Gallagher, and Lars Ulrich, all of them were presented there to pay tribute to their dear friend Taylor Hawkings.

That’s not where Pink’s performance comes to a stop, she also performed alongside Brain May and Roger Taylor, the legendary artists from the band Queen, and performed “Somebody To Love.”

The fact that Pink sang it to perfection without rehearsing was mind-blowing. She took the place of Freddie Mercury and proved how impressive her rock vocals were.

The news of Hawkins’ demise haunted us, he was with Foo Fighters since 1997 and almost after being with the band for over 25 years, he died at 50. The cause of his death wasn’t specified but the report showed his body had inhaled 10 substances such as opioids, marijuana, and anti-depressants.

This tribute was really special for the fans and everyone from the rock community. Pink had some big shoes to fill, and she did it effortlessly. Pink also joined with other friends of Hawkuns and gave another excellent performance, bringing out Pink was really an excellent choice.

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