Nic Collins A Talented Drummer From A Very Musical Family

Nic Collins, who was raised by music legend Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey, took an early interest in drumming, beginning when he was only two or three years old. Nic’s musical career was definitely shaped by his father, who is one of the most well-known drummers in the world. Nic has, nevertheless, cemented his own position in the music business thanks to his talent and commitment to his profession.

When Nic was eight years old in 2009, Phil Collins had health issues following back surgery that prevented him from playing the drums. Nic filled in for his father while Phil struggled with nerve problems and mobility challenges in the years that followed. Nic started out as Phil’s drummer before taking over for Genesis and Mike & the Mechanics.

Nic’s performances highlight his drumming prowess, with a crisp, strong sound that captivates listeners. Respected bassist Leland Sklar, who played with Nic on Phil Collins’ Not Dead Yet Tour, attests to Nic’s extraordinary talent and musical development, complimenting his consistency and advancement during the course of the tour.

Nic’s success in the music business is attributed to his own ability and talent rather than nepotism, despite his family’s ties. Phil Collins stated clearly that Nic’s talent and commitment to his trade, rather than his family’s history, secured him a spot on the tour.

Nic contributes to both Genesis and his father’s tours in addition to his own musical pursuits with his band, Better Strangers. Nic prioritizes genuineness and unadulterated energy when performing with Better Strangers, especially in small-venue environments where the music speaks for itself.

The Last Domino? reunion tour marked the pinnacle of Nic’s tenure with Genesis, as the band reunited for the first time in thirteen years. Critics and fans alike praised Nic’s outstanding drumming performances, even though the COVID-19 outbreak caused delays for the tour.

For Mike & the Mechanics’ Refuelled tour, Nic is currently covering for Gary Wallis as a drummer, demonstrating his adaptability and skill as a musician. For those who enjoy drumming, Nic also provides an engaging hour-long breakdown video with insights on his father’s classic Genesis patterns.

Nic Collins’ career thus far has essentially been a monument to his skill, commitment, and love of drumming, showing that he is more than capable of leaving his mark in the music business on his own terms.

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