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Meaning Of Even Flow By Pearl Jam

Sujan Tamang 

The song “Even Flow” is by Pearl Jam, an American rock group. Guitarist Stone Gossard wrote the music for the song, while singer Eddie Vedder wrote the words.

The song was released in 1991 through the band’s “Ten” the first album. Vedder claims that the song “Even Flow” is about homelessness and the difficulties that those who are homeless encounter.

The song’s title speaks to the fact that to live, homeless individuals frequently have to adapt to their surroundings and seize any possibilities that present themselves. The frustration and desperation that often accompany homelessness and the lack of a place to call home are captured in the lyrics.

The story, which Alternative Nation copied from the Pearl Jam fan forum on the band’s official website, says this:

Ed shares a tale that he claims to have never shared before. He talks of meeting Eddie, a homeless vet, and spending a lot of time practicing in the warehouse at the beginning. Ed would purchase the identical sandwich for him that he did for himself. He continues by saying that the man wasn’t present when he returned from his European tour. Ed was relieved to learn that the man was residing beneath the Viaduct. Shortly after, the vagrant vet passed away. He had no idea that he would be included in “Even Flow,” the next tune.

Ed briefly discusses the homeless and how he either refused or didn’t receive assistance. Vedder later talks Stone Gossard. “On this next one we have Captiol Hills very own Mr. Stone Gossard. Stone was part of a gang called Newton Street Boys. Was it a gang or chess club? It was a bad ass chess club.”

Ed notices Mike worked at a pizzeria, Matt worked at a Kinko’s, and Stone worked at a bakery. As Stone was a baker, he had more dough than any of us when we first met. Ed remarks that his joke wasn’t all that horrible. “Have you heard the president talk?” Ed concludes by thanking Stone for the instruments he purchased, saying, “You completely changed my life.”



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