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Foo Fighters Rock With Drummer From Audience On “Wheels”

Sujan Tamang 

Following his on-stage drumming during the band’s Croatia performance, a Foo Fighters fan stunned Dave Grohl.

After seeing the Learn To Fly rockers perform in Pula Arena on their second night, Richard Greenbury who has talked to Radio X about the “surreal experience” decided to try and seize the chance to replace Taylor Hawkins on drums.

In the hopes of being seen, the 22-year-old Manchester resident carried a placard that said, “Taylor, if you need a break, I can drum?” as he made his way to the event on Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

To his amazement, the British musician was identified among the crowd and went on to support Dave Grohl and the group on their Wheels song.

Watch the incredible performance video.

Speaking to Radio X about the magic moment, Richard – who came to Croatia especially to see the band – said: “I’ve joked about taking a sign to the concert so many times but never actually did it.”

“My friend Jadz convinced me as it was a smaller venue than we had seen them before, so we made one and held it up. Luckily he [Dave Grohl] saw it and called me up. Was such a surreal experience!”

When asked what crossed his mind before he stepped on the drums with one of his favorite bands, he answered, “I was just thinking, ‘oh my god this is actually happening.’ I had thought and practiced that moment so much at home, I only really play along to music when I practice so I had imagined playing live with them so many times.”

“I was just thinking the whole time, ‘do not fuck this up, there’s too many people to mess it up!’ Only when I got off stage did it really hit me what had happened, was definitely an out of body experience. It was so bizarre.”

Richard, who started drumming around ten years ago and has been a fan of Foos for as long as he can remember, also talked about what it was like to receive a hug and approval from Grohl, who referred to him as a “great drummer.”

“Honestly, it was the best feeling ever. Dave and Taylor are my musical idols and having my two favorite drummers watch me play was just ridiculous. Still can’t believe it happened.”

After completing his studies at the University of Leeds, Richard began a new career in London.

He’ll have a lot of takers, we’re sure, especially after his historic performance with one of the biggest bands ever!

After three years, Richard has reflected on the past, honored his musical idol Taylor, and discussed how it inspired him to create music of his own. Prioritizing paying his “utmost respects” to the late drummer, his loved ones, and the Foo Fighters,

Richard also paid tribute to Hawkins and revealed how much this very moment meant to him. This also inspired him to start his band.




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