Best Rock Songs For Weddings

If you want a unique wedding experience with rock music, we have your back. People might think rock music is not suitable for weddings but classic bands like AC/DC, Queen, Panic! at the Disco, and many other rock bands have taken the spotlight in weddings.

You can even choose songs that can describe your childhood such as Blink 182, Oasis, and Jimmy Eat Worl, which will directly lift the mood of the audience. No matter what music you choose, from classic to metal, there’s always room in your wedding for rock music to make the day more special.

Best Rock Songs For Weddings

You Really Got Me – The Kinks

The Kinks were formed in 1964, but it took them some time to rise in the mainstream of music. They finally arrived in the spotlight with the release of “You Really Got Me.” The band has even released two different versions of it.

The classic nontraditional rock is perfect to surprise your guests and rock the dance floor. The lyrics are also matching and the song itself is filled with energy, a song to be added to your playlist.

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

Another classic beauty that you can add to your wedding playlist is “Irirs” by Goo Goo Dolls. A soft rock is just what you need to express your love to your partner. The lyrics of the song itself are beautiful and sentimental.

If you’re into soft rock and want people to feel your love, then “Iris” will be your best and perfect option to go with.

Love of My Life – Queen

“Love of My Life”, the song by Queen explains about the love for someone else. A heartwarming song and when you add Freddie Mercury’s vocals into it, the song becomes a masterpiece. The lyrics of the song and the guitar work by Brain May, are just perfect for your wedding.

Forever – KISS

“Forever” by KISS is not just any kind of love song, it’s an anthem that explains eternal love. A soft rock ballad that makes you realize the promises you made with your love. “I see my future when I look in your eyes,” is just the perfect phrase you’ll need to say to your partner.

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Another timeless song that you can slow dance with your partner will be “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. Can you believe that such a beautiful song was rarely recorded? Initially, King wrote “Stand By Me” for Drifters who decided not to record it and King himself tried to give it a shot and now it’s one of the greatest songs of all time.

Everyone has loved the song and it has been covered over 400 times. The instruments, the lyrics, everything is beautiful, a perfect song that your guests can dance and sing on.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

Your wedding and love will be incomplete without a masterpiece of Aerosmith. “I Don’t Want To Midd A Thing” is a perfect rock classic to express your love to your partner. Nothing can go wrong with this song, it will just make your wedding extraordinary.

“Heroes” – David Bowie

“‘Heroes'” by Bowie is a sentimental song, he wrote this song after he witnessed his producer Tony Visconti, kissing his lover on the Berlin Wall. The song is iconic as it was played during the fall of the Berlin Wall. “‘Heroes'” will make your wedding iconic as well.

Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

The songwriter of “Livin’ On Prayer”, “Jon Bon Jovi” portrays that even during hardships and in difficult moments your partner and you will outshine those difficulties. As the song says, we have to hold on, and everything will go as it was planned.

The song is now one of the greatest songs from the band. After this, your wedding will also be one of the greatest, a perfect song to dance and sing along.

When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge

A wedding is incomplete with an emotional classic rock song. “When A Man Loves  A Woman” by Percy Sledge delivers the perfect message on what a man is willing to do when he is in love. A song that’ll express your love to your partner.

The song was released in 1966 and it became an instant hit. The song was also featured in the movie Platoon. Michael Bolton then did a cover of the song which won him a Grammy.

She Loves You – The Beatles

The list of wedding rock bands is incomplete without The Beatles, the band with numerous hits. You should add “She Loves You” to your playlist right now since it’s an excellent choice to dance on the stage with the guests.

“She Love You” was the best-selling single of The Beatles. With the ideal lyrics and tune, the song will be another excellent choice.

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

If you want to dedicate a rock song to your partner then “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton should be your first choice. What can make your bride feel more special and happy than Eric Clapton’s classic?

Pattie Bloyd and George Harrison from The Beatles were in a relationship. Ultimately their relationship didn’t last for long, Pattie left Harrison and married Clapton in 1979, and that’s when he came up with the idea of “Wonderful Tonight.”

Good Vibrations – Beach Boys

“Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys was made in a more complicated way than it sounds. The psychedelic rock song took over 90 hours of hard work, throughout those times they created short musical fragments, and the result was after it was placed together.

“Good Vibrations” will only create good vibes for your wedding. Be ready to learn dance movies for the song because you’ll need it!

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