Lindsey Stirling A Violinist And Dancer From America

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling, dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling, is known for mixing many musical styles into her performances. Here are some facts about one of the most well-known performers from America’s Got Talent. Lindsey was born in Santa Ana, California on the 21st of September 1986. Her parents are Stephen and Diane Stirling, and she has four … Read more

Larissa Liveir, Electrifying and Charming Guitarist From Brazil

larissa liveir

With her electric guitar, guitarist Larissa Liveir has become a compelling force, displaying skill and endless innovation in her playing. Originating from the vibrant Brazilian music scene, Liveir has distinguished herself as a trailblazing guitarist by enthralling audiences with her powerful musicality and electrifying performances. She was born in a small town near Rio De … Read more

An 11-Year-Old Child Gets a Free Guitar from Green Day while The Band Jams with Him onstage

Everybody’s favorite gig stories are back, along with live music: touching accounts of gifted young people who perform alongside their electric guitar idols in front of full houses, wow the audience with their seamless skills and potential to become stars on stage. Most people walk into a Green Day concert expecting to walk away with … Read more